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A New Approach to Package Delivery


USPS Connect delivery and returns solutions give American businesses a competitive edge The U.S. Postal Service is transforming. Under our comprehensive, 10-year Delivering for America plan, we are modernizing our network and discarding practices that have held us back for …

USPS Holidays

We Deliver for Yule


Unusual ways the Postal Service delivers the holidays While kids around the world may believe the holidays are delivered by a jolly white-bearded man flying a sleigh, here at the Postal Service we run the real behind-the-scenes operation. We keep a well-hidden …

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Celebrate the holidays


Acknowledging observances celebrated by various cultures For many folks, celebrating the holidays will be a little different this year as we continue to practice social distancing. But don’t fret, the Postal Service’s team of essential workers is ready to assist …

Postal HQ

Microbusinesses work!


What is a microbusiness? Many Americans operate home-based microbusinesses — a trend that has increased in the past few months. With people being furloughed and many brick-and-mortar businesses shuttering their doors nationwide, many resilient entrepreneurs have found innovative ways to …