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Two employees guide listeners of the new “Mailin’ It” podcast through the Postal Service’s rich history and give an insider’s look at the organization’s current and future innovations.

When we started our careers at the Postal Service, there would have been no convincing us that one day we would be co-hosts of a popular podcast. Yet here we are, going into our fifth month of “Mailin’ It,” and we still find it hard to believe that we get to sit down with some truly amazing people to tell the story of the Postal Service in a way that we hope is as fun as it is educational.

Podcasts are popular because they are convenient, informal and on-demand, and since our first episode — An Ode to the Zip Code — was posted on, we have worked hard to enlighten our listeners in a sincere and entertaining way about an organization that most people encounter every day.

Our task is made easier because of the passion of everyone at USPS. This also means we get to talk with some of the most knowledgeable people in the organization, including Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. Their insights have taught us so much about the Postal Service’s place in America’s history, our public service mission and our vision for the future.

Bringing our listeners along with us on this journey is a new experience for both of us, but it’s one of the true highlights of being co-hosts of “Mailin’ It.” It amazes us that we have entertained and informed some 70,000 listeners in a little more than four months. And with each podcast, our audience grows.

You might be surprised that “Mailin’ It” is hosted by regular employees, not professional podcasters. However, we believe our insider knowledge brings a useful perspective to each conversation and makes it more enjoyable for the listeners, too.

There are great things ahead for “Mailin’ It,” and we are eager to share this experience with you. Join us — any time of the day — and discover more about this great American institution.


Yasmine Di Giulio, strategic planning specialist, and Dale Parsan, strategic planning & integration specialist