USPS Sustainability

A Sustainable Summer


US Postal Service strives to reduce environmental footprint Welcome to the hot, sometimes hazy and often humid days of summer. Summer is a great time to appreciate things that make a big difference in sustaining the world we live in. …

Postal HQ

GSA/USPS USAccess Point Pilot Program Update


New Season, New Successes for GSA/USPS USAccess Pilot Program! By: USAccess Managed Service Office (reprinted with permission) Great news on our work with the United States Postal Service (USPS). All 120+ USAccess Agencies commissions and boards participated in the USAccess …

USPS Did You Know & Tips

Mailbox improvement week


Curb appeal When driving along rural backroads or suburban streets, curbside mailboxes can be a focal point of curbside landscape, good or bad. Mailboxes post a glimpse of the homeowner’s personal style — simplistic, ornate or clunky. We appreciate some …


USPS delivers love for elders


Words to the wise Group uses mail to cheer lonely seniors Jacob Cramer, founder and executive director of Love for Our Elders, says he and his colleagues are “the biggest fans of USPS.” Jacob Cramer knows that receiving a handwritten …