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Holiday Stress

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holiday stress

Six Fewer Days

True story. Years ago, I was so frantic about not having it all together for the holidays, my best friend came over and wrapped all my gifts for me.  This was before I learned the life hack called “planning ahead.”  My point, besides that having a good friend is awesome, is that any postal employee can sympathize with your holiday stress.  We’re kind of busy this time of year, too.

Generally speaking, “six fewer” can be good.  I’m thinking along the lines of six fewer pounds, six fewer chores to do, six fewer episodes to binge-watch.  But we have a problem this year and I’m sure you’re aware.  There are six fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Unless you’re in elementary school and think everything holiday-related is magic, this can pose a problem.  There’s a lot to do and now you have almost a week less to do it.

Lean on us to help alleviate some of your stress

Here are six ways the Postal Service can give you back a little of your valuable time:

Buy your holiday stamps online — Tip of the day:  A sheet or booklet of holiday stamps is the perfect gift for that person who deserves more than a card but there’s no need to go gift-crazy.  Plus, you can just slip them into a card to mail!

Use a self-service kiosk at many locations — you can even get holiday stamps.

Customize delivery of your packages using Informed Delivery.

Use Click-N-Ship to create shipping labels and pay for postage without a trip to the Post Office.

Use — it has all the info you could possibly need: Access quick tools to find a Post Office location, track packages, print labels, buy stamps, order free supplies, sign up for Informed Delivery and more.

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We are pro-holidays at the Postal Service, and proudly call this time of year our Peak Season. We hope you find joy and meaning throughout the holidays — and a good friend who will wrap all your gifts for you.