Postal History

Bringing Postal History to Life


Bringing Postal History to Life Celebrating three decades of the National Postal Museum The 30th anniversary of the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in Washington, DC, holds a special meaning for me. I remember the day the doors of the old …

Stamps, USPS Black Heritage

Celebrating Black Heritage


2021 Black Heritage stamps honor August Wilson “No one should think that Black history is confined to the month of February, when evidence to the contrary appears everywhere and in every month. Black History Month is not a token,” says …

USPS Holidays

We Deliver for Yule


Unusual ways the Postal Service delivers the holidays While kids around the world may believe the holidays are delivered by a jolly white-bearded man flying a sleigh, here at the Postal Service we run the real behind-the-scenes operation. We keep a well-hidden …