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Giving Our Customers the Ground Advantage

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Giving Our Customers the Ground Advantage

USPS’s Transformation Creates Opportunities for Enhanced, Affordable Products

My team and I have the enviable task of rethinking how a transforming, modernizing Postal Service™ can improve its suite of products and services to better serve America’s businesses. I am proud to say we have worked throughout the Postal Service to create an immensely compelling product in USPS Ground Advantage™, which launched July 9 as our new national ground delivery offering.

With USPS Ground Advantage, we are leveraging our improved service standards and modernized operational structure to deliver a reliable, affordable shipping product that delivers packages in the continental United States in two to five days[1] — and doing so at a time when retailers are increasingly conscious of the cost and dependability of shipping products.

We are pricing Ground Advantage to win customers. In most cases, depending on the weight and distance, our rates will be attractive compared to the published rates of other carriers. And, because it has no residential surcharges, invoicing fees or add-ons like compounding fuel charges, customers can readily identify the comparative value of shipping with the Postal Service. We’ve also included incredible benefits, with free insurance for up to $100, free forwarding, and the return of undeliverable packages, all rolled into a compelling price.

Access to USPS Ground Advantage is easy, as customers can easily induct their packages into the postal network or schedule a pickup from their local carrier. And, unlike our competitors, we visit all 165 million addresses in America six or seven days a week.

USPS Ground Advantage also brings clarity and market commonality to our product line. Until now, our customers have been able to pick several shipping options with differing service standards, like our First-Class™ Package Service, Retail Ground® service and Parcel Select Ground® service. Now, thanks to our network redesign and modernization, we are able to simplify and streamline our package shipping options with a single ground product — removing uncertainty from our product line and delivering shipping options that compete head-to-head with our competitors.

The benefits of USPS Ground Advantage will continue to grow as our ongoing transformation and network redesign produce greater efficiencies and continue to improve our already strong service performance.

USPS Ground Advantage ensures you can reach customers nationally with a shipping service that is reliable, affordable, and simple to use, all delivered by an organization committed to serving our business and residential customers. If you’d like to know how USPS Ground Advantage can help your business grow, visit our Ground Advantage site at  or contact one of our sales professionals at 1-855-401-0796. I also discussed USPS Ground Advantage in detail in the latest Mailin’ It podcast.

As we continue through our transformation, we’ll strive to bring more new solutions to better serve America’s businesses.

[1] Expected delivery in two to five business days. Packages going to certain places (including Alaska, Hawaii, and offshore destinations), or containing hazardous materials or live animals may receive slower service.


Jacqueline Krage Strako

Executive Vice President, Chief Commerce and Business Solutions Officer