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The U.S. Postal Service has Your Passport to Convenience

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Obtain a Passport or Renew at Select Post Offices™ Nationwide

To make it more convenient to apply for a passport, select Post Offices nationwide accept passport applications for processing. Some locations even allow you to have your passport photo taken on-site for an additional fee.

At Post Offices offering passport services, customers will find retail staff members who are expertly trained in passport acceptance procedures and completely dedicated to making passport applications quick and easy. Some passport acceptance Post Office locations have specific hours when they process passports, while at other locations you will need to make an appointment. To find out about passport processing hours at your Post Office: click here.

To make applying for your passport even easier, follow these helpful tips:


• Bring proper proof of American citizenship or naturalization. This must be either: a state-issued certified birth certificate; a previous official passport; or a naturalization certificate, if you are foreign-born. (Please note: a hospital-issued birth certificate is not acceptable.)


• Bring in one officially-acceptable state or government photo ID. This can be either a driver’s license, a military photo ID, or a state-issued photo ID.


• The passport application requires one recent photograph. The photo must meet specific passport requirements which are explained at (Again, a photo can be taken right at the passport acceptance Post Offices for an additional fee during your appointment.)


• To save time, fill out your passport application online by logging onto From there you can breeze through the process using the State Departments step-by-step automated application.


• Once you have completed your application, print it out and stop by the nearest passport processing Post Office for acceptance. However, it’s important that you DON’T sign the application form, as the passport clerk must witness your signature.


• For children under age 16, both parents’ consent and proof of parental relationship are required. See Special Requirements for children under age 16 at for details.


Travelers should take these considerations into account as well.

Apply early — It’s best to apply for your passport several months before your planned trip. See current passport processing times from the U.S. Department of State.

In a hurry? Request and pay for Priority Mail Express Service both ways (to and from the passport agency), and your application will be processed more quickly. Plus, you can track your package online with USPS Tracking™. Expediting your passport application usually will have your passport returned to you in about 3 weeks. Standard processing time is 4 to 6 weeks.

With passport in hand there will be only one thing left to do, pack your bags and enjoy! The U.S. Postal Service® wishes you safe travels. And don’t forget to send a postcard.