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Reflecting on the Magic of the Season

When I was in kindergarten, I received my first race car set. My father and I skipped church that Sunday to put it together. This is one of my most favorite holiday memories — I remember it clearly to this day. My father died the following year which made that Christmas even more poignant. That next year Santa brought me a baseball glove, but he wrapped it in a toaster box and I still remember the initial sting of getting a toaster for Christmas! Of course that sting turned to sheer happiness when I opened the box and found my first glove.

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I was one of 10 kids — the oldest son. The chaos of the season is a fond memory. We didn’t have much money and the gifts were special beyond measure. My mother created patterns and made our Christmas clothes every year, and then we’d go to Midnight Mass in her handmade clothes. I treasure those memories today.

Fast forward to my senior year of high school when I met the love of my life. Barbara and I have been together ever since. High school sweethearts in the truest sense. Through the years, we created a beautiful family together, but she created a warm, loving home full of wonderful memories for myself and our children — especially during the holidays. She created the magic of the season for our family and she continues doing that today.

When I became a father, the focus of the season turned to my children. I have four amazing kids: David, 26; Katie, 25; Brandon, 20 and Brianna, 18. Recalling the excitement of Christmas morning through my children’s eyes is something that will always make me smile. The holidays now are less about the gifts and more about it being a great time to spend with the family.

I know I’m fortunate. My mother is alive and well. I have a wonderful wife and four happy and healthy children, who have grown into strong, intelligent, respectful adults. I have a large extended family with nine siblings and their spouses and children. The holidays are a wonderful time to reflect and be grateful. I don’t take anything for granted.

I am so proud to work for this organization. This truly is OUR season!

From the employees working in our processing and distribution centers to those transporting mail and packages across this great nation, to the retail associates and clerks in our Post Offices assisting customers. From the carriers on the streets delivering every day, to the vehicle maintenance teams keeping our trucks and vans moving, to the custodians taking care of our properties, and to the supervisors, managers and administrative support staff keeping everything running — no one delivers the holidays better than the men and women of the U.S. Postal Service.

To all my 630,000 postal colleagues, be proud of the job you do! It’s important and it matters every day! And to everyone, I hope you have a safe, happy, healthy holiday this year, filled with the love and magic of the season.

David Williams, USPS Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President