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Sheila Holman, USPS vice president marketing

Spotlighting the great work that goes into our holiday performance

’Tis that time of year … and the Postal Service has created a marketing campaign to enlighten the public about the magical role we play in delivering to every community and at every home during the busy holidays.

While last holiday season was a tough one for all delivery organizations, this year promises to be very different and a comforting return to the reliability and warm seasonal spirit everyone deserves and expects from the Postal Service.

You’ll see from this clip of our TV spot, called “The Helpers,” that what seems like magic is actually… the U.S. Postal Service doing its job.

The ad captures the essence of a great USPS delivery experience:  We have it covered for you, out of sight and behind the scenes, at all hours of day and night, the skill and experience and hard work of thousands of people – leveraging the very best expertise in logistics, technology, transportation, innovation and delivery infrastructure, ultimately brought to your door by the carrier you know and who knows you.  The result? The simple but, amazing experience of a convenient, reliable delivery to the home of an item that will delight a child, create a holiday moment or make a difference in the life of a loved one.

We take great pride in delivering these magical moments for every home, and our campaign this year aims to elevate the role we are privileged to play in the lives of everyone we serve.

Through our television ads, print campaigns, direct mailings to every home, Post Office signage, or social media, you’ll get the sense of an amazing organization that exists to serve you.

We take special pride in the fact that our campaign features Postal Service employees who will be working and delivering in their communities during the holidays, alongside 644,000 of their colleagues throughout the country.

We also hope you choose the Postal Service when you plan to send your holiday cards and packages to friends and family. We’re ready to deliver for you.

We wish you a magical holiday season.


By Sheila Holman, USPS vice president marketing