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What’s your favorite mail moment?

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“What was the best thing you ever received in the mail?”


When we asked customers this question recently, we figured everyone would respond with a generic answer like “a birthday card.”


But a funny thing happened on the way to reviewing the responses. As you can see, when the first 15 answers came in, no two were alike.


1. A piece of the Berlin Wall

2. A Christmas tree sent from my father

3. My driver’s license

4. My marriage license

5. Letters from my Dad when he was in in Air Force

6. Letters from home while I was in basic training

7. My college acceptance letter

8. My son’s college degree

9. A letter from Donny Osmond

10. My first check after a literary journal submission

11. An annual birthday card from a friend for over 50 years

12. Copies of the ship’s manifest and photo of the ship that brought my grandfather to Ellis Island in 1912 when he was 18

13. A ham radio postcard confirming I spoke with King Hussein of Jordan the night one of his son’s was born

14. A message in a bottle from a friend vacationing in Ireland

15. A skateboard I won in a contest when I was 10


Perhaps one responder said it best: “Great question! I know just answering it made me smile at the memory. It’s like having a ‘mail moment’ every time I think about it.”


These responses confirm what we’ve always suspected: the mail produces treasured memories that stay etched in people’s minds.


So what was your favorite mail moment?


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