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Wedding Mail Tips and Tricks

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Chances are, besides the holidays, you don’t send too many cards or letters at once. But that changes when it comes time for wedding invitations.

While you may be turning to Pinterest for planning or Facebook to organize your wedding party get-togethers, research shows most couples still send classic paper invitations. Wedding-etiquette blog The Knot, for example, always suggests sending paper invitations, despite the size or formality of the wedding, since it helps makes the event more special.

We know a common problem soon-to-be-newlyweds face is determining how much postage is needed on their wedding mail. To help you budget properly (and avoid winding up at the Post Office with too much or too little postage) we have a quick guide to help you determine how much you need.


wedding mail prices


Remember: invites and save-the-date cards often weigh more than a typical 1-ounce piece of mail covered by a Forever stamp. Invitations and/or save-the-dates that use heavy card stock, or include RSVP envelopes, will often need extra postage.

If you don’t have a scale to weigh your pieces yourself, you can always drop by a local Post Office with a sample to have it weighed.

The chart above also details the dimensions of a “standard” envelope. However, if your mail pieces are square, or extra rigid (like a magnet), among some other factors, it may necessitate a 22-cent surcharge.

There’s no need to worry, though. There are lots of options to cover the difference, including customized postage. One of the simplest choices is our 2-ounce stamp option for heavier or non-standard envelopes, specially designed with weddings in mind.

This year, we released Vintage Rose and Tulip Forever stamps (which also come as a regular Forever stamp option for RSVPs and other mailing needs).There are many others to choose from, too!

Most invitations sent using postage should arrive to your loved ones within a few days of sending. However, keep in mind non-standard pieces that can’t be processed on our machines may take a bit longer. Either way, it is best to make sure to build in enough time for your guests to receive and respond.

Do you have other questions on mailing your wedding invitations and save the dates? Leave them in the comments below. Also, please feel free to share pictures of your wedding mail on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest using #USPSWeddingMail.