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A Sprinkling of Magic Endures

I grew up in a small town 20 miles south of Boston, on the South Shore. I was the youngest of four in my household so the holidays were always a special time. Every year, baking Christmas cookies and breads for our friends and neighbors was our Christmas tradition.

An annual event was for my Mom to dig through that corner kitchen cabinet, into the way back and declare with joy, “I found it!” as she pulled out the cookie press. We couldn’t wait to make our own special creations from the die-plate of our choice. Being the youngest, I had to wait until all of my siblings were in college to finally get the Christmas tree die!

We stood together around the kitchen table sifting flour and squeezing the food coloring into the dough. We lined up spritz butter cookies in the shape of snowflakes, poinsettias and Christmas trees and decorated them with colorful sprinkles. Whether it was making cookies, arranging a display of cards from faraway friends into the louvers of the coat closet doors, or having the big Christmas Day dinner with our family, we connected in ways that made the holidays special.

In working for the Postal Service the last 27 years, the holiday season has taken on added meaning for me and for my family. At work, This is Our Season®, a time where we, collectively as an organization, deliver the holidays for others. It is a period of immense pride and focus on our mission — but also, as our employees well know, a time of extremely hard work, long hours and other challenges.

But every year we pull each other through and we deliver. We know — deep in our hearts — that we are a part of something truly special that no other organization can do. And our families know this also. They understand what peak season means and they support us, year in and year out. So when the season is over, and we have that entire day to sit and enjoy our family, exchange gifts and partake in the holiday meal, it all seems even more magical and special.

These days my husband and I look forward to our own family holiday traditions with our high-school age children. And yes, we make the spritz cookies in lots of shapes and colors! The cookie press may have changed — but the magic of holiday traditions certainly has not. On behalf of the entire Chief Information Office organization, I wish you and yours a warm and wonderful holiday season full of special connections, greetings from friends near and far, and your own sweet family traditions.


Kristin Seaver, Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President