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There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays — Wherever You Are!

“I knew a man who lived in Tennessee, he was headin’ for Pennsylvania and some homemade pumpkin pie…”

This classic song is a joyful reminder of whether near or far, connecting family together is what the Holidays are all about. As a child, I remember the fresh smell of oranges that were sent by family and friends. Growing up in Baltimore, our parents also allowed us to open one special gift from our Tennessee family on Christmas Eve after Mass. My Mom was the oldest of ten Sharp siblings from Nashville and each Christmas we would rotate exchanging gifts between families sent through the U.S. Mail. It was a fond tradition that has transcended through my life.

As we grew older, my brothers wanted to spend Christmas Day with their spouses’ families so we celebrated our Daue family celebration fully on Christmas Eve. Singing was always an important part of the celebration. And now that my sister’s and brothers’ children and grandchildren have joined the pack, it’s all about feeding the reindeer and getting ready for Santa’s arrival in addition to Mass.

My husband’s family lives in New England and my brothers tend to travel on Christmas Day to spend time with their in-laws. I’ve spent many Christmas mornings traveling up and down the Eastern seaboard. The family joke of late is that wouldn’t be Christmas Day if the Daue’s weren’t traveling. Now I have my own family traditions with my Walker family; these traditions range from decorating the tree to caroling and baking Christmas cookies.

When I travel, I know that I can stay in touch through the Postal Service’s Informed Delivery feature. I also love to send holiday cards to family and friends. With Informed Delivery, I get a daily digital preview of the mail that is coming. The notification also provides an opportunity to send cards and letters to those I may have missed.

Working for the United States Postal Service is an honor and a privilege. There is no better place to work, especially during the holiday season. It’s our busiest and most joyous season of the year. We are proud to deliver more to the home than any other shipper.


Janice Walker, Vice President Corporate Communications