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U.S. Postal Service: An Essential Service

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U.S. Postal Service: An Essential Service

The unprecedented response to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has helped highlight people who serve the public every day. From health care professionals to first responders to grocery and restaurant workers and delivery personnel, including mail and package delivery personnel, the American public has taken notice of the essential services that these individuals provide for the communities they serve on a daily basis.


Neither snow nor rain nor…

The United States Postal Service (Postal Service) delivers in the face of hurricanes, earthquakes, snow storms, wildfires and now the crisis brought on by COVID-19. Our letter carriers, Post Office clerks, transportation drivers and processing personnel work hard to deliver your letters and packages through the worst of times, just as we do every other day. You rely on us. We deliver for you!

The Postal Service is an essential link, serving more than 158.6 million delivery points across America. We deliver the critical items you need like Social Security checks, groceries, medicine and other supplies. You can also write letters and send cards to brighten someone’s day. Near or far – just stick a stamp on it and we will deliver for you. If you need stamps or other postal supplies just visit the Postal Store and we will deliver to your home.


We don’t just deliver the mail

Postal workers do more than just deliver the mail. We are the eyes and ears in neighborhoods, keeping watch for our customers. Postal workers notice when a customer hasn’t picked up their mail in a day or two. They are there to help a lost child, recognize a potential scam, respond to a car accident or even rescue an injured customer.


Thank you!

Many of you have expressed thanks for your carriers during times of crisis, including during the current COVID-19 pandemic. We deliver a sense of normalcy to neighborhoods, during even the most chaotic times. We very much appreciate the sidewalk chalk notes and letters of thanks customers create for their local letter carrier or Post Office. These acts of kindness let us know you appreciate our service to you.

Postal Service workers provide a vital essential service to this nation’s critical infrastructure. We are proud of our employees’ roles in processing, transporting, and delivering mail and packages for the American public every day!

written by Jim McKean, USPS National Events Coordinator


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