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We Salute You, Veterans!

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For more than 235 years, the Postal Service has been one of the nation’s largest employers of veterans, second only to the Department of Defense.  In fact, we currently have 98,746 employees — 16 percent of our workforce, including 9,617 women — who have worn military and postal uniforms with pride.


The Postal Service continues its commitment to the American veteran through its hiring practices and through its stamp program, including this year’s First Class Forever Stamp tribute to the Korean War recipients of our nation’s highest award for valor in combat, the Medal of Honor.


In fact, most of us in the Postal Service have a family member or close acquaintance who served in our Armed Forces.   For some, your thoughts are with a loved one in service to America today.


How different our days would be if no one had answered Freedom’s call.  The mix of our mail illustrates the many freedoms secured for us by our nation’s veterans:


– The freedom of speech – we see it every day in the diverse subjects of magazines, newspapers and catalogs that our customers receive.

– The freedom to vote – we have just seen how political mail remains an important way for people to learn about candidates and community issues.

– The freedom against unjust search and seizure — we are another layer of protection with the secure seal of first class mail.

– The freedom of assembly and freedom of religion – every day, we sort and deliver direct mail on behalf of clubs, organizations, church groups and fraternal associations. Despite their different ideas, they can use a trusted, common mail stream without fear or hesitation.


The fruit of a veteran’s service is apparent – at the mailbox of every home across our great nation — every day.

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