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Graduates of all stripes — whether they’re kindergartners, college seniors or someone in between — are humming the commencement tune as they celebrate their season of change, growth and new experiences.

This year, I will likely head to my high school reunion. I wasn’t the best in math but I can count: It’s a big one. And, yes, the Class of 1975 is in its own season of change, growth and new experiences as surely as those who don a cap and gown in the coming weeks.

What did our mailbox hold from me to you in those days between graduations and reunions?

Graduation invitations, thank-you notes, acceptance letters, postcards from campus, letters from basic training, shower invitations, wedding RSVP’s, notes of condolence. The list goes on. You can even put your own touch on a graduation gift to another!

More joy, more tears, more seasons of change.

Now comes a notice with its stamp in the corner. Save the date. It’s a reunion and another chance to celebrate the milestones of life.

No matter how unalike our gardens of life became, there is something common about the roots we share. For a few hours, we’ll laugh and cry, hug and hope. We’re all so different. We’re all so alike. We will be the Class of 1975 forever.

To the Class of 2015, from me to you, I say look around on Graduation Day. You’ll share seasons of change with these guys and gals for a lifetime.

(Oh, and go Wildcats!)


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