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USPS Green Mail: Earth Day everyday reminders

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Environmental awareness leads to sustainability

April 22 is the annual day set aside to focus attention on the need to take care of our environment, natural resources and the planet we live on. This year marks the 51st year since the national celebration began. At the U.S. Postal Service, we look forward to the festivities each year because we consider every day to be Earth Day for our organization, our employees and our customers!

Because of the importance the Postal Service places on sustainability, we continuously set and surpass sustainability goals with environmentally focused solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy, fuel and waste. But those are not the only ways the Postal Service supports sustainability.

Green mail

Did you know the Postal Service uses its unique transportation network to bring recyclables from smaller Post Office™ facilities to larger hub plants on returning loads (no additional transportation required) and consolidates recyclables to optimize revenue?  For more information on steps you can take to help green the mail and packages you receive, please visit

Celebrating Earth’s natural beauty on stamps

Earth Day is also synonymous with spring, the season of nature’s energetic renewal. As weather begins to warm, seeds burst open in the ground, birds begin nesting and some creatures emerge from long winter naps. Stamps, like the Earth Day Forever® stamp and the Colorado Hairstreak non-machinable stamp can add a springtime touch, perfect for brightening someone’s day through the mail. The butterfly series of nonmachinable stamps — including the Colorado Hairstreak stamp — was developed in partnership with the greeting card industry for oversize or square envelopes and other mail of nonstandard shapes and sizes. Writing letters to family and friends is always a great way to keep in touch and make someone smile — a positive statement for both sender and recipient.

Actions that matter

The women and men of the Postal Service accept, process, transport and deliver vital mail and packages in every community — to more than 161 million addresses.

As a designated essential government service, the Postal Service represents public service across the country. In many locations we are the only public-facing government agency for the nation’s residents, and we continue to do our part to improve and enhance our communities and the world around us. We encourage you to join us.