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Unlocking the Full Value of Marketing Mail

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USPS Product Solutions Vice President, Thomas Foti

Unlocking the Full Value of Marketing Mail

Promotions and incentives spark new opportunities for USPS’s business customers.

Marketing mail is a uniquely powerful tool for American businesses. Time and again, marketing mail has proven to be one of the most effective and affordable ways to reach consumers in all demographics. It brings value to companies by creating a bond with customers through a physical and tactile experience that other forms of advertising simply cannot do, and consumers — particularly Gen Z and Millennials— routinely say that direct mail is one of the strongest influences on their buying decisions.

I have been fortunate to witness the evolution of direct mail in my 30-odd years at the Postal Service, and I can honestly say we are in a golden age of marketing mail. Thanks to the creativity, ingenuity, and dedication of my product management and operational colleagues, American businesses today can take their customers on sensory journeys of colors, textures, sounds, and smells that entertain, impress, and inform, all by simply opening a piece of mail.

The physical mail-piece also has a digital companion: Informed Delivery®. This digital tool provides mail recipients a preview of what will soon be in their mailbox and enables marketers to realize multiple impression for targeted audiences. Informed Delivery reaches more than 57 million Americans every day — many through their mobile devices. Businesses are getting fantastic points of digital engagement whenever they leverage an interactive campaign using the Informed Delivery tool. It’s a smart way to amplify the impact of a mail-piece and drive immediate action from target mail recipients.

I talk about the power of mail all day long — and I always emphasize that the truest test of a piece of marketing mail is first-hand experience. Is it creative? Is it attention getting? Does it motivate? To encourage the most effective mail strategies, we put our money where it counts with attractive promotions and financial incentives.

For more than a decade, our New Solutions team has developed a compelling array of promotions and incentives, and the 2024 program showcases how businesses can elevate relationships with their customers. From our tactile, interactive promotion to our emerging tech, Informed Delivery digital companion, and retargeting programs, we are always pushing our partnerships to keep pace with best-in-class marketing.

We are focused on more than just products; our customers’ needs are always foremost in our minds. We responded to mailing customers who wanted more time to work on marketing campaigns by reworking our systems and released our 2024 calendar months before we normally publish our promotions schedule. We also created a program where our customers can pick the start date of their six-month Emerging Technology promotion rather than work within the six-month window we typically offer.

We listen to our customers, hear what they have to say, and work to meet their needs. This is the spirit that drives our Delivering for America® transformation plan, and it’s the spirit that drives us, every day.

Check out our Mailing Promotions Portal — a wonderful resource for marketers to connect with our experts on the latest of our products and services. We are proud of this year’s promotions and incentives for their popularity and high usage rates.

If you haven’t already, take an exciting step into the world of marketing mail. We are ready to help you build a stronger, more engaging, and more profitable relationship with your customers.


Thomas Foti

Product Solutions Vice President