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USPS Sustainability Report

USPS Sustainability: Postal Service Reduces Carbon Footprint

Every Earth Day the Sustainability team shares our successes, big and small, with the release of the Postal Service Annual Sustainability Report.

This year’s report features our largest solar project, inspiring ideas from postal leadership, and facts on new USPS® products and services.

Some highlights from the report include:

25 percent energy reduction by 2025 – USPS is well on its way to reduce energy used per square foot of building space. We’ve reduced our energy intensity by 6.6 percent since 2015.

Chicago Network Distribution Center Ken Bell sorts recyclable materials.

43.8 million pounds – Captured and recycled from undeliverable as addressed mail pieces with the USPS BlueEarth® Secure Destruction program.

36 percent water savings by 2025 – We are working every day to reduce our water usage per square foot of building space. We have reduced our water intensity by 49.5 percent since 2007.

274,713 tons – Material recycled in 2017 (mostly mixed paper and cardboard).

140 – Recycling Hubs equipped with heavy duty dumpers and compactors for consolidating mixed paper backhauled from field offices. In 2018, every postal district in the United States will be serviced by additional hubs and trained employees.

Los Angeles Processing and Distribution Center, Los Angeles, CA

35,000 – Solar panels on the Los Angeles mail processing facility. This innovative solar project helps the Earth, adds power to the grid and brings financial benefits to the Postal Service.

54 percent – Solid waste diverted from landfills to recycling centers in 2017.

81 percent – Postal Service employees who responded to the 2017 Green Survey that recycle at work.

$401 million – Value of environmentally preferable products procured in 2017 using our online eBuy2 ordering system. This represents over 202,046 tons of product ranging from cleaning supplies to recycled paper.

Through consistent efforts, training, and programs, the United States Postal Service® is committed to a sustainable future on Earth Day and every day. Be sure to check out the Postal Service Annual Sustainability Report to learn more.


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