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Jennifer Utterback, Vice President, Organization Development

You may be surprised by the career opportunities available at USPS.

There has never been a better time to work at the Postal Service. Under our Delivering for America plan, we are transforming our mail and package processing systems into a state-of-the-art operation that is better attuned to the needs of our customers and will provide a better work environment for our employees.

As one of the nation’s largest employers, we have a variety of positions to meet the strengths and interests of many people. If you like working outdoors, driving a truck or working with the public, the Postal Service is the place for you. We have job openings across the country for letter carriers, tractor-trailer and motor vehicle operators, retail clerks, maintenance mechanics and more.

Beyond the traditional postal jobs we all know and love, USPS has an incredible number of job opportunities on the strategy and corporate side of the business. These include support roles in sales, law, engineering, labor relations, human resources and finance.

The Postal Service is a place where you can build a life-long career that provides a reliable income, benefits and a regular schedule. Each of these factors are important to creating a good quality of life for our employees. And, if you want advancement, the Postal Service has a demonstrated history of investing in its employees and promoting from within its ranks. In fact, many of our senior managers – including four of our six most recent Postmasters General — started their postal careers in front-line or public-facing roles or joined through entry-level development programs as management associates or trainees.

For our employees, it’s not just about getting a paycheck every two weeks. It’s about being part of an organization with a public service mission, that visits every community in America six and often seven days a week. We provide a rewarding experience, a competitive compensation and benefits package, and opportunities for growth and advancement.

We support our employees and their families with excellent and flexible health, dental and vision plans and provide generous annual leave packages that recognize the need for rest, relaxation, and recreation as well as the importance of separate sick leave. You can read and learn more here about the comprehensive benefits packages.

Full-time career postal workers can also participate in the federal retirement program, which provides the security of a defined benefit pension, including disability retirement. It also offers a retirement plan similar to a 401(k) that may receive automatic and matching contributions of up to 5 percent of basic pay. Other benefits available include flexible spending accounts, commuter programs, reduced tuition from our education partners and employee discounts on services and products.

The Postal Service is always interested in welcoming new members to our family to continue our proud tradition of public service. To find out if USPS is the right place for you, please visit this resource, which was developed to answer many of the popular work-related questions we receive. And you can always visit at any time to see what future awaits you at the Postal Service.


Jennifer Utterback

Vice President, Organization Development