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Postmasters, U.S. Postal Inspectors, & the South Jersey Postal Customer Council: Speak Out on Consumer Protection

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The South Jersey Postal Customer Council (SJPCC), with assistance of local Postmasters and Postal Inspectors, hosted two Consumer Protection Awareness seminars in New Jersey during the Federal Trade Commission’s National Consumer Protection Week. Consumer Protection Week combines the resources offered by federal agencies and their partners to educate consumers on how to stay safe online, how to avoid fraudulent scams and even how to manage their credit scores and bank accounts.
During the first seminar, speakers included local SJPCC members of Cherry Hill, NJ, the Postal Inspection Service and Cherry Hill postal management. Together they hosted an informative seminar with topics such as tips to prevent mail fraud and identity theft, how to recognize check, lottery, and foreign scams. Internet safety was discussed along with how to prevent phishing attempts and common need to know identifiers of secure banking and secure shopping websites.

(SJPCC USPIS Cherry Hill March 3 2017 L to R:Wildwood PM & SJPCC Postal Chair Bernadette Puodziunas, Cherry Hill Supervisor Russ Carmody, SJ District Marketing Mgr. & SJPCC Board Member Rosemary Fox, Postal Inspector Thomas Ninan, Postal Inspector George Clark, Avalon PM & SJPCC Communications Chair Melissa Lomax, & Cherry Hill Postmaster Rob Hudson.)


A second seminar entitled “How to stay safe in today’s digital World” was held in Avalon, NJ, postal Inspector Tony Fenu was joined by area Postmasters who met with community members and local law enforcement in a panel discussion format. During community service events it’s important that postal officials be on hand to reassure the community that their local Post Office staff can be depended on to protect the communities we serve.


The U.S. Postal Service and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service are committed to helping consumers of all ages learn how they can protect their privacy and steer clear of fraud and scams. For more information about consumer protection, including videos and tips from the United States Postal Inspection Service, visit

Remember, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is”

(SJPCC USPIS Avalon March 9 2017 – L to R: Absecon PM Mandeep Kaur, Avalon PM & SJPCC Communications Chair Melissa Lomax, Avalon Recreation Director Chuck McDonnell, Cape May Sales & Service Associate Tom Zimmer, Postal Inspector Tony Fenu, Avalon Police Captain Jeff Christopher, & Wildwood PM & SJPCC Postal Chair Bernadette Puodziunas.)


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