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Irresistable Mail

How USPS Marketing Mail™ Drives The Digital Experience

In 2017 the Postal Service formally changed the name of “Standard Mail™” to “Marketing Mail™” to better reflect what this mail class is used for. Now with its new practical name, we thought it would be a good time to reemphasize to marketers why Marketing Mail is a great option for reaching customers.

Grabbing potential customer’s attention at the mailbox in addition to the digital in box will allow you to differentiate your product or service utilizing the power of mail-which can never be underestimated.

Today’s mail can be digital too! For example, it’s possible to integrate customizable options like QR codes and Augmented Reality into a mail piece which can transport customers from their mailbox to your website blog or social media platform in a matter of seconds.

Irresistible Mail: Solutions for the Digital Age 

Here are some digital mail solutions marketers are utilizing now to create a unique mail moment:

Variable Data Print

Variable Data Print (VDP): Using variable imaging on direct mail allows you to customize mailing pieces to individual recipients. You can further integrate digital technology by adding Personalized URLS (PURLS) that link recipients online to a personalized landing page with content tailored to their buying habits.

Quick Response (QR) codes and Near Field Technology (NFC): These technologies allow consumers to connect with your mobile buying site. You can create QR codes online at little or no cost and put them on your mail piece, allowing consumers to simply scan and shop from a mobile device. NFC technology is even simpler, allowing consumers to simply tap on a chip activated location in the mail piece.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR): Allows you to engage consumers on your mobile site. By using the correct app (e.g.: USPS AR – available on the iTunes AppStore and Google Play) and pointing their mobile device at a designated area on the mail piece, consumers are taken to your mobile optimized site.

Marketing Mail Promotions

Marketers, need more incentive to try Marketing Mail for your next campaign? How about discounts? USPS® offers direct mail advertising promotions and incentives. One of the promotions we are running in 2017 is the Tactile, Sensory, & Interactive Mailpiece Engagement Promotion.

This promotion leverages some of the latest technological advances within the print industry, providing marketers with exciting new ways to enhance and encourage sensory engagement with a mailpiece. The print industry has been innovative not only in print production equipment, but the fundamental elements of mail itself through new developments in papers/stocks, substrates, finishing techniques and inks. These elements can be incorporated to engage in a multi-sensory experience through the use of special visual effects, sound, scent, textures /tactile treatments and even taste.

Mail that tastes good, now that’s out-of-the-box thinking!

“Now, I am not at all suggesting that marketers only use the U.S. Mail to reach customers (albeit an excellent suggestion, if I do say so myself).” What I do recommend is that they leverage several different platforms at once, Marketing Mail being one of them.

At the U.S. Postal Service, we have a team of Marketing Mail specialists that would love to help you get your first digitally-enhanced mailpieces  into the mailboxes of future customers. Click here if you would like one of our Marketing Mail experts to contact you directly. Or if you would like to learn more click here: irresistiblemail and at



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